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Originally Posted by YolkyPalky View Post
That's what I was afraid of, but then again I can't imagine the waiting lists are anything like it was for the e46 M3, peak of the NASDAQ, etc lol, some dealers had 100 person wait lists, but that was for a $55K car, now we're in a crap economy and there is a limited market of $100K car buyers, then again I don't know how many are even going to be allocated to the U.S.

I was hoping, like any other current BMW model, you can get it for invoice+, but new anticipated models are always MSRP if there is any kind of waitlist.

Probably better to wait for the second model year, let the kinks work out and running manufacturing changes take place and by then probably you're back to invoice+ pricing.
Exactly, i just reserved my spot on the list, and there are only 4 people on it. And i don't live in the middle of no where lol.