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Originally Posted by chudak18 View Post
Don't forget that the car has been out in Europe for quite some time now, so we're already getting the refined product here in the states. Most of the kinks should already be out by now i would assume. But you never know. They're still selling 335s with bad fuel pumps and tackling them on a one by one basis.... Smh
I don't know about that. There are guys on here that took delivery in the last month or so that are talking about some 'clunk' noise issue in the rear. The jury seems to still be out on whether it's an isolated event but more than 1 person on the forum have reported it thus far.

Of course, they still love the car and it's definitely not a deal-killer; but why not wait a little bit longer and most likely get better pricing and better build quality (hopefully)?

Where I live(Atlanta), you won't see $100+k cars all over the place so the 'exclusivity' factor will be there whether I get the first one off the line or the last one. YMMV.