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I can find servers to xbox360, but most of them are empty or otherwise stupid setups.
I play only rush and would like to play all maps and normal ticket count.Bad thing is there is not many servers like that. Atleast on europe reginion.
I've found few myself. I usually play on the euro servers but play US east allot. People have gone ass crazy with making changes. I have a friend or two that play legit DICE on their servers but they're in the US and the time difference between Germany and the west coast doesn't workout to well. Then tere's the one's with like 1,000 tickets....mutha fuk'r please I ain't got all day....

Where are you located?
post up your GT and I'll look you up

Im from Finland, Gamertag KamikazeHeka.
I have few of those normal all maps rush servers at my favorite too.
Sometimes when i play those are empty but thats because time difference.

Couple of times i had to remove server from favorites because owner made some stupid changes.Like no killing,knife only,etc.