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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
The only study I've seen that showed it had carcinogens was an old study done with Mexican schwag. I'm sure the results would be different with organically grown cannabis compared to low quality stuff grown with a bunch of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers. This is also something we should be worried about with our food supply as well since very little is organic.
I'm sure I haven't spent anywhere NEAR as much time looking into this as you have. But I thought stuff like this was fairly straight forward.


Cannabis smoke contains many of the same cancer causing substances (carcinogens) as tobacco - at least 50 of them. In addition, cannabis is often mixed with tobacco when smoked.
List of known carcinogens:

Break down of the contents of marijuana smoke which lists known carcinogens and summary of various case studies:

Ask yourself, why is it important to you that marijuana be portrayed as some wonder-drug-cure-all AND as something with no negative effects? That's not needed. Thou dost protest too much.

In my opinion, attempting to be as objective as possible, I think marijuana should be legal. But I don't share your other views on it, nor do I currently smoke it.

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