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Originally Posted by allmotor_2000 View Post
It does apply brakes - happened to me once.


The collision warning with braking function complements the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function to offer the driver additional assistance in avoiding potential collisions. The two systems can be activated independently of each other, but are tuned to work with one another when they are both in operation. The collision warning with braking function is based on a two-stage warning concept. The “pre-warning” is limited to a visual signal, which is displayed both in the instrument cluster and in the Head-up Display in the form of a red vehicle symbol, prompting the driver to increase his distance to the vehicle in front. At the same time, the brakes are pre-loaded, the deployment thresholds of the Adaptive Brake Assistant are lowered and the Brake Standby function of DSC activated. In this way, full brake pressure is built up more quickly under emergency braking, and the shorter stopping distances achieved as a result reduce the risk of a rear-end collision. The pre-warning is not used in situations in which Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function is active, as this system already automatically ensures that an appropriate safe distance is restored. The second stage of the collision warning system is activated – regardless of the status of the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function – in the event of a higher level of collision danger. In situations requiring particularly rapid intervention on the part of the driver, the system triggers an acute warning. This consists of both visual and acoustic signals. At the same time, deceleration is initiated; the vehicle is braked at 3 m/s2 for a maximum of 1.2 seconds. Along with the flashing signal in the instrument cluster – and in the Head-up Display, if specified – and a warning tone, the driver is given an unmistakable signal that he needs to react. Thanks to the pre-loading of the brakes, everything is in place here as well to avoid a collision or alleviate the consequences of an impact significantly.
Active cruise control - this is not the one where the car automatically adjusts speed to maintain the same distance. This is the dumb cruise control right that you are talking about? Because F10 M5 def doesn't have the automatic distance adjustment cruise control. These names are super confusing. Why call it active when it's the "unguided missile" kind.

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