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okay well... fuq my ass Now i am really confused !!

i have drivers assist on my last car and now this one 13 and 16

#1 mine has'nt beep'd ever
#2 mine has'nt braked ever

#3 active cruise ? w both my car's it goes on or off no in between, no braking, no accelerating (my srt jeep has it and its awesome) if we have it on our m5's pls tell me how i don't know ,i Nvr use cruise on m5 cause it suck's ! i use it in my jeep all the time cause it just tagg's the car infront of you 1-2-3 car lenths at your opt and sit's w em at whatever rate of speed you want, it will stop if they stop and it will go if they go depending on what you have your speed set to! it's fantastic ! !

someone explain this