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Found some answers on another forum that I would like to share in case anyone looking for something similar.

Basically, I should be able to run my amp @ 2ohms which is 700w without adding new battery or capacitor or any change to power delivery system.

In reality it's more like 550w at 1% THD and 700w at 10% THD. no one wants to hear musics at high distortion levels of 10% for long. This is all marketing bullshit to quote unusable power or with high distortion.

The numbers I used were with the assumption that I will be running the amps at 100% capacity which I am told will never happen for mids and tweeters. They will hardly draw 15% or the rated 75w power.

Subs use the most power but again, 550w or 750w only happens at 20hz frequency which is rare and at full volume. I plan to use crossovers to define ranges for various speakers so I will probably looking at 50% power capacity usage for the sub at most. And lower for underseat subs which I am running through JLAudio at 75w per channel.

Initially, the whole calc and frequency was very daunting but the article in the link below helped me understand how much power speakers will require from the amp at various frequencies.

I hope someone finds this useful. Cheers