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Originally Posted by joejones81 View Post
I just spoke with Mcar over the phone and I'm really questioning whether these rims are authentic and/or in his legal possession. Can anyone chime in. He seemed very hesitant to provide any information to prove that the wheels are authentic or that he owns the vehicle. I get where he is coming from, however I also need to make sure that I'm not buying stolen property or some subpar replicas.

So let me ask this to the community, is it unreasonable for me to ask for the following proof prior to purchasing rims from a board member. 1) a picture of each rim ID number, 2) picture of VIN with a thumb under it that lines up with a vehicle registration with all the personal info blocked with a finger, this actually makes it much harder to manipulate the image with editing software.

Is there some more effective mechanism to guard against buying replicas?

MCAR2008, I am very interested in purchasing your OEM M5 rims but I would like some kind of assurance I'll get what we contract for.

Don't know where the rim ID is, and who will give out copy of personal ID and registration? you said over the phone that you talked over 10 members here for the rims last two months, did they give you the copy of personal ID and registration? was the reason that you didn't buy from them?

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