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Originally Posted by GTR-Dad View Post
Thx for testing this! Who knew pumping exhaust into the cabin would be so controversial? (just trying to start a rumor... )
This is a great demonstration of how much people value choice. If no one knew about AS, we wouldn't have all these threads (because no one would notice. ) and if it were defeatable there would be no outrage. Just shut it off.
Rant on!
It's not 'pumping exhaust', or engine sound. It's an MP3 sound track. That's what bothers so many of us. Sound is one of the single most important features of a performance car. That's why aftermarket exhausts are the biggest dollar volume aftermarket item after wheels. If enough people 'rant', then BMW will at least make it switchable via Idrive. People who just accept whatever BMW does, don't do anything to improve the brand.

Eventually, somebody would have found out. "My stereo fuse blew, and my car is suddenly much quieter...".