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What amuses me is that there are so many excuses for the M5 - bad driving, not using launch control, test should have gone past 100 MPH, etc. Is it that hard to get the M5 to launch and get to 100 MPH, and if so, why? It certainly looks like the average driver would do better in the Tesla than the M5 in most conditions.

This is not to say that the Tesla is an all-around better car. I'd imagine that the M5 would do better in many situations, including racing around a track, cruising at high speed on the Autobahn, and so on. But in most "real-world" situations, would all of the might of the M5 make any difference? As for the prestige factor, which is important to people even if they don't want to admit it, this is something of a toss-up depending on where you live, who your peers are, etc.

For the record, I am a big fan of BMW, and love the M cars. However, for a daily driver, which is what I (and the vast majority of drivers) really need, I think BMW and others need to wake up and recognize that Tesla is on to something. My hope is that BMW will remain committed to the i cars, and that they'll have some 3 and 5 series sized cars (sedans and coupes, not just goofy econobox-looking cars) to compete in this space.