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Originally Posted by mdm0515 View Post
Mmmm...not good. I can't get any info from either my CA or the ED Dept. Radio silence and information vacuum. I was due to be departing VDC tomorrow for delivery to dealer Friday but no idea whether that happens or not. i was told by ED dept last week that 1) my oil pump is there 2) that the work order was open and that was a good sign, 3) that my 1200 mile service would also be performed at the VDC (as expected) along with software updates, etc. and 4) that my dealer delivery date looked good. no news at all from either dealer or ED. If I don't bug them daily, which I do, I'm convinced there is absolutely no one watching this unfold or directing any type of preferential outcome. Oh well...caveat emptor!
I honestly think they are taking this Under Promise thing a little too much to heart.
Everyime I call BMW the process seems to take a couple of steps backwards. I think a lot of times you are badgering them about where the damn boat is and you get the call that your car has arrived. At that point you are so happy you drop all your greivances.

Of course, I am still waiting for the call....
ring damn you. ring.
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