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Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
So I just started this new job at a new company a little over 4 months ago (I'm an accountant fyi). Today marks the third person to quit within a year with the new manager of the department I work in. The main reason why people have been quiting is because of my managers attitude towards people. Pretty much a majority of the people within my department have ill feelings towards him because of how he speaks to other people. Another factor is that he barely knows his job and can't even describe what anyone in the department does. With this news today, it has started to make me question if I should still stick with my plan of staying here the full year and then looking for a new job. I wanted to stay the full year to get a full bonus payout and so I wouldn't have to pay back my signing bonus.

In this new job, I went from polar opposites of the spectrum as far as work load goes. Now I rarely do any work and find myself spending pretty much my entire day on the internet. The segregation of duties the company has for internal controls is the reason for this. It is also located in a area where I was not originally looking to work in the first place. Pretty much the entire reason I took this job was because of the increased pay, it wasn't as far as a drive (old job was 50 miles each way; 75 each way before I moved. Now I only do 25 miles each way), and I thought I would get more experience (actually turned out I am overqualified for this job). In my old accounting role I worked within the inventory/cost accounting department where I would overlap with AP, AR, Credit and Collections, Tax, Treasury, and Operations (also did governmental reporting). Now I do inventory/cost accounting with a small portion of AP and some governmental reporting. I know if and when I start looking again, one thing is going to hold me back, not having my CPA license. In order to get that, I still need to get my masters degree.... I also don't feel like doing that right now since I have been out of school for 4 years now.
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