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I see you are saying other people have ill feelings toward the manager. But you didn't state how you feel. Its not what other people think its about how you feel and if you are able to continue to do your job.

I had this happen when I took over as manager for a company. The whole purpose of hiring me was to get the department to straighten up, there were guidelines in place but no one was being held accountable, people were doing as they pleased and there were no consequences. So I stepped in and ran the place like its supposed to be ran and held people accountable for not performing as they should. Some people couldn't take the change and walked. The actual moral of the office ended up getting better and the team started performing like they should and now the place is running as it should. I am far from a bad or mean boss, I have a huge number of agents who follow me whereever I go due to my work ethic.

Its possible the people who quit just were not used to being held accountable, and to you its ok since you haven't experienced the latter.