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Originally Posted by TeRRoRiFiC35 View Post
He talks down to everyone in the department. He has no clue of what is going on and it amazes me. A great example would be something that happened yesterday. I make a journal entry every month to move stuff from one account to another (I'm not going into specifics). The head of finance calls him and asks him what the entry was for. He had no clue what the person was talking about. The worst part is that my manager has to sign off and approve all journal entires, specifically this one. He literally had it in front of him about an hour before the call came in. It ended up with me having to explain it to the head of finance. This happens all the time, no matter what it is. It also doesn't help I get bored all the time. I like having work to do. I also like being involved in the preperation of the financials, which I have very little to do with now.

And I agree with you about moving up in the world without my CPA will be hard. But I don't agree that I should be having to have a CPA license to get a job as a staff or senior accountant; management yes or even a CPA equivalent like a CMA or something. In NJ, it is 2 yrs at being at a public accounting firm to qualify to sit for the exam.... I also didn't shit around in college and take courses I didn't need. I took all the accounting courses my accredited business school had to offer to undergrads. The reason I didn't go into public was I didn't want to be constantly moving around from place to place working all hours of the night no matter what time of the year it is. My auditing teacher my senior year didn't help the case with how horrible she was. Plus I graduated during the financial crisis where most public firms would hire you for the tax period, then law off everyone because they could get away with it then. I know the firms I've dealt with only have specific people for each department, they don't go into the other ones. I used to work with a girl who spent 4 years at one of the Big4 firms, she would tell me all these horror stories of what she had to do. She also ended up having the same exact job title as me, so it didn't help the case for me getting it. I also find it funny that I have completed over 40 hrs of the so called "continuing education" that is required from me getting bored at work and being able to use tools we have through the company to use it.
Who does this person report to? How the hell did he get this job. Now on the other hand you can take advantage of this and see it as a possibility for a step up in your career. If you had the go getter mentality you should start helping him with what he needs to know, since your bored at work this will help pass the time. Hopefully these efforts will get noticed by your managers higher ups and if he is as incompetent as you say he is he probably won't last much longer and they will need someone to replace him. And if you were the guy going above and beyond showing him how to do his job you would be a perfect candidate to replace him. But hey that's just my .02 cents.