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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
That was from a very large and well known online stock broker. Does public accounting suck? Sure, but there are a lot of perks, the biggest one being if you put in the time all kinds of doors open to you that wouldn't be there otherwise.

I get those all the time but for staff and senior accountant positions. Its actually how I got this job. What I do now is somewhat of a specialization because it is less likely for someone to have a heavy background in cost accounting these days (but then again, I want to get out of cost and go to corporate finance hence why I would want another staff position so I can learn). I had 3 yrs of internships for a publicly traded company (offered a job but had to move to another state), then did contract work for a not-for-profit for 4 months, worked at my old company for 3 1/2 years where I received no advancement at all (top 5 in their industry), and now 4 months here (fortune 250 company). What pisses me off more is that everytime I got those messages from LinkedIn (since I have my resume blocked on other sites now) I would always tell them I have a job and am not looking.

I also don't want to start going to night school for my masters if I'm not positive I'm staying in one place, makes no financial sense to me.