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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
In a way companies that make pharmaceuticals don't want diseases such as cancer to be cured especially not through natural means. They wouldn't make any money off it, and that is what you should be offended by.
If a scientist today were to publish a paper proving a cure for cancer, what do you think would happen? Do you think he would make money off of it? Gain notoriety, money, grants to do any further research he wanted, go down in history as saving millions if not billions of lives?

Are pharmaceutical companies somehow discouraging him from doing that? Maybe they have representatives make visits to every competent scientist who they think are capable of such research and threatening them? A threat great enough to dissuade being rich and immortalized in human history?

These are the kinds of ideas I can ONLY have when I've smoked pot. And even then, they are just "dude.. what if.. blah blah blah", but I fully come back to reality afterwards.

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