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Originally Posted by Nkc View Post
Of my many years of usage (especially in BC) I have yet to meet someone that was addicted to mj and mj alone.
Well I've had two of my closest friends go through periods when they were addicted. By addicted I mean they went from just smoking on the weekends with friends to smoking by themselves multiple times a day.

Their social circles changed, they had money problems, trouble at work etc. It became hard to hang out with them because every conversation and every activity revolves around it.

They eventually both overcame it. One friend now has a family and no longer smokes. The other still smokes just much MUCH less.

Those are just two of my friends. I know half a dozen people that I went to high school with that just became burn outs and still live like that. Some move on to bigger drugs, some just do nothing all day and spend their lives trying to get high.

Originally Posted by Nkc View Post
If we want to classify all addictions being equal then I would put coffee, McDonald's, or even coca cola in this equation and see what % comes up. I personally am addicted to tea, I MUST and I repeat MUST have a good cup of Chinese tea every morning.
We don't want to classify all addictions as being equal. Caffeine is a stimulant. Marijuana is a hallucinogenic that affects perception. Alcohol is a depressant that affects judgement. There's a reason you can drive on the effects of coffee but you shouldn't on the effects of weed or alcohol.

Someone else had mentioned that they didn't think smoking twice a day was addicted. Ask yourself if someone needed to get drunk twice a day, would we consider them to have a problem.

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