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Okay let's drop some personal experience here.

Been smoking 4 years straight here, I've loved all of it. Except for one thing. I thought weed could never hurt me or make me sick, I was wrong. Weed isn't safe for EVERYONE. Over my years of smoking I'd been using it medicinally helping with eating and stomach aches and what not, I was still getting the stomachs problems however at least once a month, they would be so bad I couldn't get out of bed and I'd start getting the cold sweats and throwing up all day long. I would try and smoke to calm my stomachs but that made it worse every time. Only thing that seemed to help was taking hot showers, but it still persisted. No idea what was wrong with me but this went on about once a month for 3 years, never went to the doctors because I simply didn't have time/the money so I never found out what was wrong with me, until now..

I was diagnosed with Cannabis Hypermesis Syndrome (<click). Yep. Who fuckin knew that existed? I didn't. So now here I am weening myself off weed so I can at least get this getting sick thing under control. I've decided to quit for a month or however long for me to feel completely refreshed then I'm going to only be smoking once a week maybe. Like a Friday/Saturday kinda thing. Hopefully I no longer get sick.

I love weed. I love it. I love what it does, I love how it helps. I think it's a amazing pain reliever for really sick and really injured patients, I believe it can cure the mind aswell from depression and other problems. As much as I love it, I can't stand by as people try to say nothing will ever go wrong because you could be like me and have CHS. It' not fun throwing up for 16 hours straight, not eating or being able to keep water down and sweating so much your bed changes colors. Just be safe, if you want to smoke a lot of weed sure, but don't ignore the signs your body's sending you if it doesn't like it.

Also i just want to add, you should treat weed like alcohol if you want the rest of the world to take IT and YOU seriously. it might not destroy you as much as alcohol but people DO get in accident from being high and distracted or tired. Just treat weed with the respect it deserves and then maybe people and governments will take it more seriously too.

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