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Anyone tried M5 Competition/30 jahre flashing and Coding?

A friend of mine convince me that the Steering, Adaptive Dampers, E-diff, and DSC (MDM) on M5 CP are a lot better compared to the ordinary M5 with relatively same hardware.

Out of curiosity, i tried to VO code my friend's car by adding:
1. S7MAA (Competition Package)
2. P7MNA ( M Competition Package)
3. and changing his build date to 1214, since CP cars are out within early '14 right?

to his VO, since there's no specific typeschlussel for M5 CP.

then i VO code the
1. Servotronic module (for the steering)
2. VDC Module (for the adaptive dampers)
4. DSC

all done without errors arised. except for the VDC that needs to be re-calibrated, as usual after flashing/coding VDC module.

That being said and done, my friend and i are out to test the car, but he said that he didnt feel any difference.

Has anyone tried this and can give me your honest opinion about this?
i did a mistake tho, i didnt compare the SWFL or even CAFD of the standard vs the coded one. maybe you guys that's experienced on this can clarify better.

Thank You

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