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Originally Posted by Patsc23 View Post

Im definitely OCD - but some imperfections in the bra are better than actual chips in the paint. Looking at the F10, the hood seems to have a pretty straight cutoff so Id probably do that front portion and the bumper, maybe side mirrors. I dont think Id do any of the side paneling or headlights.

So how many companies do this? For some reason I thought Clear bra was a brand - but maybe its just a generic term. Is Venture Shield one of the better (best) ones?
VentureShield is one of the most popular brands and from what I've read one of the best; many installers use it. Clear bra is just a generic term. 3M used to have a competing product, but they recently purchased VentureShield, so I think it's pretty clear which product they think is superior. There's a new product called Avery Nano something (I think), but I've never seen it and from what I've heard, it's about the same, though not as many installers use it because they don't make it in 60" wide rolls yet, which means their product can't be used on most hoods -- and installers don't like to mix brands on the same car or deal with offering two brands of essentially identical products. Pics are pointless because you really can't see anything, trust me.

Looking at the F10 M5's hood, I actually wouldn't bother with it at all because I'd forgotten that the F10 front bumper comes all the way up and even inches back along the top for a bit before meeting the hood line, so I think protecting the hood would be worthless. I'd definitely do the headlights though; you'd be amazed how many chips in the plastic housing you'll get from rocks and such -- and BMW headlights ain't cheap to replace! If you want a reason to go with side mirrors, go on a long drive and see how many bugs and things get stuck on your mirrors. That will tell you where your exposure points are.

For temporary bras, you'd have to go with leather, or even carpet tape as some have done coming home from PCD. Installing clear bras just takes too much time to be worth installing it temporarily. Or you could find a VentureShield installer near the PCD and book them; it's a same-day job if you get your car there early, so if you can hang around there an extra day, just do that.
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