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Originally Posted by matthewEW View Post
My reasoning for wrapping entirely (assuming that cost is no concern) rather than just portions is that I think It would rather look/feel strange when you get close to the car or run your hand, lets take for example, the hood, that is partially covered with film only on the front. I'm sure even if it takes really sharp eyes to see the edge of the film, I'm sure, one's touch will be more sensitive to notice the edge of the film. So wouldn't it be better to just cover the entire hood, so the protective film will run up to the edges of the hood surface? Any thoughts on this is welcomed.
I don't recommend covering part of any panel, especially the hood because you'll definitely see and feel it; an edge in the middle of a panel is noticeable from a few feet away -- but like I said, with the way the M5 is shaped, I don't think the hood will be a target for debris because the front bumper comes all the way up and even back a bit, so I wouldn't cover the hood at all if it were mine.

As for the whole tactile benefit of a completely covered car, I don't catch myself running my hand across panels very much, so I don't think the transition from a metal panel to a VentureShield-protected panel would ever really happen. I tend not to run my hand across a car at all to avoid leaving streak marks anyway, but even if I did, I think the cost of covering the entire car and ending up always feeling plastic would be far worse to me than feeling a transition from metal to plastic. Also, keep in mind that the front bumper and mirror covers are plastic ANYWAY.
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