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Originally Posted by MNoob View Post
I moved from sram to di2 last year. it's awesome. not light, but works flawlessly. I was looking at the sram etap as well, but didn't want to buy the first run. the sram red first run had some issues.

eitherway, it's a great way to go. the di2 battery lasts for a month or so before needing recharge. front derailleur trim is automatic. I also love that I can control my garmin from the hoods.

with sram you don't have to worry about routing wires. but I think options are limited for remote buttons.
As you know, the sram components have individual batteries with the derailleurs being rechargeable and the shifters using CR2032s. They claim 1000k for the rear derailleur, i think it was double that for the front which uses the same battery and they say a year or more of heavy riding for the shifters. The only remote capability is what they call blips, which on a road system plug into the shifters. (on a TT system, all the blips plug into a wireless stem mounted unit)

Aside from the wireless aspect, i think the largest difference is the shifting dynamic where as the upshift comes from clicking the right hand shifter and the down shift comes from clicking the left hand shifter. Not unlike DCT or any real sports car paddle shifting set up. To shift the front derailleur is more like F1 neutral selection, where you click both right and left simultaneously to initiate a change. The same input initiates the up and down shift.

This initially had me looking more at Di2, but the more reviews i watch and read the more i'm being swayed towards the sram interface. Most who have tried it claim that it's very intuitive and after just a short time testing the system, they find themselves using their left shifter to down shift when they get back on their manual system that they've been riding with their whole life.

I don't have internal cabling on my bike, so not having to run wires in their place is an added bonus. Loosing 50% of my cables is quite appealing.

Expanding bike computer compatibility with eTap is something i would be looking forward to via firmware updates. I would very much like to have my gear selection viewable on my computer, but i don't want to have to buy an Edge 1000 to do it. I currently use a Fenix 3 and i'm happy with it. I use it as an every day watch which means i never forget my bike computer.

The fact that the short RED derailleur cage is limited to a 28t sprocket had me concerned because i'm currently using an 11-32 cassette. I know, i know... what the hell am i doing with an 11-32 in FL. Well, my bike came with it and i've stuck with it due to hill training and because the Montana tour i'm doing in the last week of July has about 21,000 of climbing in 5 days. So far, in my 7 month cycling career i've ascended only 30,000. I figured i'd be needing that 32t sprocket quite a bit since the elevation on the trip will be between 3000k and 6500k each day. But.... yesterday i stayed out of my 32t and ended up feeling fantastic after 61 miles and 2700ft. On top of that i only used my small ring for 4 climbs. I'm still trying to convince myself that 11-28 will be just fine for Montana.
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