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Originally Posted by Charlie Brown View Post
Lets consider the second scenario and give the engine enough latitude to assume it will hold up to the power. Lets say this was an AWD 535 with a tune, exhaust and a well engineered N2O setup. My guess is it would be quick off the line and build considerable power and torque throughout its RPM range. This would make 0-100mph a pure traction contest. A contest the M5 could loose?
A valid analysis I think. I'm not up on the drag race scene anymore, but from watching Pass Time on Speed, occasionally there are some amazing times turned by cars with nitrous and forced induction. Obviously they are focused drag cars, but driven on the street while able to turn low nines!! And this is from 5 liters or less in displacement. I'm not sure, but I don't think there are a range of drag suitable rear end gears available for the BMWs?