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Wink I Plasti-Dipped my M5! Well sort of. Lol!

Lady and Gents,

I got tired and fed up with looking at my door handle chrome on my Triple Black M5 and decided to do something about it. I wanted to take the time to get my door handle chrome wrapped with some matte black 3M wrap, but my schedule is too crazy, and the place I wanted to take it to is too far away and they're only open on week days. So I took matters into my own hands. Went down to Home Depot when I got off of work tonight and then proceeded to apply Pasti-Dip (From Blamo!) on my chrome door handles. I also bought some painters tape and made it so only the chrome on the door handles would be exposed. I then applied 3 coats of Pasti-Dip, waiting 10 mins between each coat. I used a razor blade to seperate the dip that was stuck to the tape from the chrome strip and viola no more chrome! It was my first time Pasti-Dipping something. I've watched some YouTube videos about it and it just seemed like it was time to get with the times, I mean all the kids are doing it now on their Audi A4's and Civics, it's all the rage! It seems to be legit, I just hope that it lasts for a while. If not, then I'll reapply it. The whole job only took me a couple of hours and most of that was just waiting for it to dry.

Well hope you enjoyed the cool story and the pix. Laters!
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