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Originally Posted by BeachM5nster View Post
oh yes.. someone brave enough to debate me..

i knew that would be the first statement id have to prove.. lol.. dude.. u ever been real scared and wish u had a gun just in case? i know i have. like all kinds of unknown shady stuff goes on in random places. Especially when you drive a very nice car and have to get gas in a not well lit area in the hood... and it would absolutely suck to not have one and know that I couldn't have one if I ever needed one like for a home invasion.

gun in your pocket is peace of mind. Are you telling me with all these mass shootings at random places at random times you don't want to have a gun just in case?.. now more than ever?

yeah dude lots of people in lots of countries that don't have gun rights like us wish they had their own guns so they could defend and protect themselves in their own home. Years and years of playing online games with people from other countries we always start talking about politics and laws and they all are super jealous of how free we are with our guns that we can just have any gun we want and go shoot them whenever we want because they're pretty fun and awesome and they fucking protect your ass. Imagine living in a country where you couldn't have a weapon in your own home to defend your own home .. that is nothing to be jealous of. but being a boss and holding your shit down and knowing anybody that fucks with you is going to be pushing daisies is 100% envied by ppl that cant

nobody likes to be scared, have fear, or be defenseless.

where i live 98% of population is packing heat on their person 24/7. I have a friend that won't even go on the boat to cruise 2 miles without it. thefts dont happen but the rare Occurrence that they do, the intruder usually leaves in a body bag. people also respect each other here at least superficially for the most part and say yes sir and no ma'am with all exchanges.

Do your research ..just recently a civilian with concealed weapon took down an armed mass shooter. along with many other crimes like theft at gunpoint resolved by civilian with a gun. youtube bro. google bro. do it

do your research.

also .. If this doesn't make you understand and you dont believe it then sorry

but lets say they outlaw our guns.. yea, preacher John is gonna hand over his guns and will have to protect his family and homestead with a butcher knife or bow and arrow.

But you think the corner hoodrat gangster is gonna hand over his guns? well hell, theyre stolen and unregistered and technically don't even exist anyway so no one will come ask for them.

So good guy That wants gun for protection is fucked.
Bad guy That uses a gun for crime has a big leg up now and can now break in anywhere he wants like preacher John's home with zero fear of being killed or failing. might take his time and rape preacher John's wife while he's at it since hes the One with the gun and all the power and calling all the shots. Pun intended.

Does that make sense to you? seem plausible?
I have lived in the U.K for almost 50 years and not once have I ever wished I had a gun, And I have been in some rough places. Also been all over the states and same thing. The only place I seen anyone "packing heat" was in Texas and if i'm perfectly honest I found this situation very uncomfortable.