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^^ Photos shouldn't show anything at all if the job was done right.

OP, I have VentureShield and I like it. On my Le Mans Blue you can't see it even if you know it's there unless you're looking very closely at the edge of the covered panels to see where the film stops. I don't know how visibility will be on Singapore Grey, but I do know some people with black cars report film being more apparent.

The shop I used here quoted me $540 to cover the front bumper, mirror caps, and headlights; that price included a 10% discount for getting tint done at the same time. I didn't want to do the hood because partial hood leaves a very visible cut line where the film ends (don't recommend that) and full hood was more than I was willing to spend; same logic for the fenders, which on an M3 have significant area coming pretty far forward, so that was tempting but I decided against it. Of course Murphy's Law prevailed and I have some tiny dings right at the very front edge of my hood just above the bumper. On an M5 though, the hood won't be as critical since it doesn't dip down toward the front of the car around the grille, instead the front bumper just extends higher than usual.

VentureShield warranties their stuff for either 3 or 4 years against discoloration, and I figure if it starts looking bad then and I still have the car, I'll just pay to have it professionally removed and a new film installed. I don't know about XPEL's self-healing properties, but I can tell you that although VentureShield has a few scratches and tiny pits in it, you don't see it unless you're looking VERY closely for them -- and hey, better than those scratches and pits being on my car!
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