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Originally Posted by nybimmerfan View Post
Just wanted to correct something, 2013 Model is the second year for the F10 M5. 2012 MY M5 is the first year although that model was only released in Europe and probably Canada for North America. BMW should already have enough data to have fixed most major bugs. So far, my 2013 M5 has had no problems ("knock on wood") and hope do not get any. I have already 3100+ miles on the odometer having driven the major portion during ED. I have not driven much here in the Northeast due to the snowy weather and having summer tires. I have only driven it on weekends when there is no snow. Hopefully with Spring coming, I get to drive it more.
You wouldn't have happened to be on the Bruckner expressway heading westbound on Saturday afternoon 3/9/2013 would you? I was in my Alpine White E60M5 and saw a MCB F10 when I was exiting at White Plains road.