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I had intermittent problem when sometimes at full throttle the car would choke, then I would get a blinking Drivetrain malfunction light and engine check light, and car felt like it was running on 4 cylinders aftwerwards. After turning the car off and back on, the care drove normal again.

I took it to the dealer, it shows that there was misfire on cylinder 5. They thought between hot temps and possible bad gas, it could be a problem. I use 95 octane so I know it wasn't the gas.
They replaced the coil because they really had no idea.

I just got the car back today, so Ill let you know what happens.

It appears from forums, other people with this problem had fuel rail replaced because fuel rails when machined could have metal shavings residing on the inside that would clog the injector. People had injectors replaced still had problems because metal floating around could reclog and cause it to be intermittent. The dealer got the info from BMW in Germany who reviewed the problem after the dealer couldn't figure out, and they had more in depth insight on a common problem. Perhaps this is the common error your dealer is missing?