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Originally Posted by nybimmerfan View Post
Hope you like the changes. I too have MCB and contemplated on getting the black front and side grills but after seeing in person the black grill changes that a friend of mine did who also had MCB, I changed my mind. It seems that the black grills go better with light colored car bodies rather than MCB. I saw a light gray and frozen white M5 with those black grills and the effect looked gorgeous and considered that it was much much better than on a MCB. Anyway, to each his own and as long as you like the changes, then that's what counts. Am glad that I got to see face to face an MCB with those black grills before jumping on the changes, otherwise had I done the change, I would have probably regretted it and would have even reverted to the original.
Agree. IMO MCB only needs 2 mods: larger tips and MCB painted reflectors on the front bumper only.

The body colored grille on this car looks like a cheap plastic molded grille like the kind of crap you would see on a Japanese car. The OEM grille looks like metal as it should be.

But I don't mean to offend. If the OP likes it then that's all that matters.