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Originally Posted by cnicholson View Post
Whole situation sucks. I feel bad since Dave hooked me up with the cool ED deal.

Our M5s aren't safe anywhere: two days after driving home from Santa Barbara, some idiot tried to break in to the car while parked in a multi-story garage by prying into the passenger window. The glass is damaged but not broken, but some dents/scratches and bent up trim pieces. $3000K of damage.
Sorry to hear about this. I feel your pain, my E60 M5 was broken into 2 weeks after I got it. Still had the temp tags on it! They popped the lock on the driver's door (see below).

Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Dude that's crazy! What the heck were they trying to do?! They can't carjack the cars! Must have been something inside he wanted.
While talking to the cops about the incident described above, they said that these guys do this and go right to the owner's manual. Many people leave their valet key "hidden" in there. They just drive the car away if they find it. Otherwise they move on to the next target.
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