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Originally Posted by SANguru View Post
the guys who unload the cars at dock have been known to damage quite a few cars. My Z4 35is was damaged and held for over a month after they destroyed my front bumper. PM if you want the contacts. The VPC is outsourced and not BMW if you haven't figured it out already.
The VPC is owned and operated by BMW. Some functions, like the security guards and the guys that "valet" the cars from the dock to the VPC itself, and of course the trucking company (Waggoners), are handled by subcontractors. The people that work on the cars at the VPC are BMW employees.

But BMW is responsible for all of the actions of its subcontractors. As for the drivers, for the west coast VPC the drive from the dock gates to the VPC is about 1 1/4 miles down a straight street. The only turns are a right at the corner where the VPC is and a left into one of the gates behind the VPC buildings. If any driver is caught exceeding the speed limit (40 MPH if I remember correctly) or otherwise abusing a car they are fired. The subcontact company is responsible for paying the cost of repairs caused by its drivers. The same is true for Waggoners once the car is turned over to them.