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Originally Posted by Hellerp View Post
would this mod not void an AUC or Mondial warranty then? I had it booked in with PCW but read some real horror stories about engines dying and they all seemed to have had a 'tune' of some sort so made be a bit worried to touch anything just in case. a 30k engine replacement is not a fun sounding investment
The warranty would be void if the fault was caused by a modification to the car that was not a BMW approved modification, but potentially only on the effected parts caused by the modification not the entire warranty.

Would I tune a low mileage well cared for known M5 - Yes

Would I tune a 4+ year old M5 with an unknown history and mileage above 30,000 - No

I think M5s are very tunable but as with anything unless you know its history and how its been treated then its a bigger gamble than one that's been looked after by an enthusiast from new

As I have said before with M5s being available from 25K you will see a lot of the younger generation buying them and tuning them to 700+ BHP then driving them hard whilst not having the financial ability to maintain and fix them should the need arise.

Finance is so freely available and people live month to month these days so its all about how much is it per month not what will I do if it goes bang and I have a huge bill tomorrow