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Thank you ///M1...I ask the question because no matter how well the transmission is made, or by whom, the initial break in period is simply that, breaking it in, metal on metal. The same thing was done to my Infiniti at my own expense, change the oil right away, but I never had any issue with it, or any other vehicle I bought new. If going by the book, as dkoren quoted, it needs servicing after every third oil change. Just what the hell does BMW think I'm doing to the clutch...? I find this to be overkill, no...? With respect, I ask that someone who owns the M5 to please post the Owners Manual. I realize that you have the vehicle, and are off doing all sorts of driving with very little time, but perhaps those of us who are waiting for delivery, or for that horrible bastard of a rich Uncle to kindly remember us in his will, would benefit with legitimate concerns and questions. I am sure in one form or another we would all be better for reading it cover to cover. Once again thanking you in advance, who ever you may be who posts it first.