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New M5 F10 advice

Hi all,

Newish member here, have been looking at the forums for a few months now and it certainly played a big part in helping me decide on the M5 Altho I fell in love with the F10 at the local dealer a couple months back.
Anyway, I take delivery late September and just wanted some advice the best way to start as I havenít really driven the M5 for any length of time. I havenít even owned an M before.
Iíd love to know about all the different modes and the basic and safest one to start in. Are these covered in the ownerís manual? I am a very safe driver (IAM) and certainly donít want to make any schoolboy errors lol
Are there any specialised M courses I could look into to give me the basics on the different ways to handle the car?
Apologies in advance for being such a noob, or if these have been answered elsewhere.
Hopefully in 6 monthsí time Iíll be a competent M driver but just wanted some good advice on how to get into things.

We all have to start somewhere right?

Thanks so much guys