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Sorry for the late reply all…..

Originally Posted by Hockey Guy View Post
There is not much to say other than be nice to it until break-in. As you know, there is a variety of opinion on this board on hard vs soft break-ins. I have owned four M's (M3/5s) and never had an issue with the engine consuming oil etc., but I am gentle with it (sub 5,000 RPM) until I hit my Break-in service. Take that time to get to know this car. It is significantly more powerful than any M car I have driven and perhaps any car that you may have driven. The power is actually shocking! However, it is a heavier car and you will notice this under braking and a little bit in the twisties. These are exceptionally well built cars and they are made to take a beating. However, learn its capabilities gradually and you will stay out of trouble. Welcome to the Club man!
Thanks HG!! What is the recommended 'Break-in' mileage? around 1200 miles?
I'm so thrilled to be part of the club...well, I'm half in the club until September lol

Originally Posted by URBAN LEGEND View Post
Go to the M school.
Urban, I'd LOVE to!! But I don't think BMW provide an M School here in the UK

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Congrats on your M5 and lots of sleepless nights until delivery!

Check with your dealer or on the BMW website for M Driving School dates and locations.
Follow the recommended break-in as stated and keep traction control fully engaged until you have the skills and get to know the car...there's no room for error until you have room for error!
Keep your throttle settings modest until you get a feel for how the car accelerates, especially out of corners.
It's taken me about 6 months to figure the car out and I still have much to learn. I drove like a grandma for the first 2-3 months...even my wife was teasing me on the difference in my driving coming from an E92 M3.

Be safe and use good judgement and you'll enjoy your M5 to the max.
Omega, God my nights are definitely sleepless for sure!! I’m super stoked and the more I read and hear from you guys, the more I’m climbing the walls in anticipation!! 
I have the same mind set as you though and will surely be driving like an OAP for a few months until I get to understand the car. It certainly deserves a lot of respect and I will always be extremely careful. Just knowing all that power is available under the hood is enough to satisfy me for the time being, I just want to know more about the M settings and which is the ‘safest’ option? Thank you!!
Originally Posted by PhilT3 View Post
Strap on a helmet and drive it like you stole it! Lol. Just kidding... Well, kinda.

Time in the drivers seat 'playing' with all the settings and feeling how the car responds in each is critical.

Slowly push the envelope but be mindful you don't become overly confident or comfy.

LOL I’d love to do that aswell, but my head may over rule and I’ll probably piss a few people off early days by the steady way she will be driven. I’m sure quite a few people will say ‘look at that d*ck driving an M5 on the speed limit ha ha

Originally Posted by Day Laborer View Post
I am one of the few brave enough to had tried a "hard break-in" procedure.
Warm engine + small amounts of acceleration, but never past 5-6k rpm.
A lot of engine braking, (downshifting) and never letting it cruise at the same RPM for very long (changing gears).

Almost 7 months, 5500 miles, not a drop of oil consumed.
DL, what is the recommended oil for the F10? Ive seen so many contradicting posts on which is good / great / potentially harmful I’m somewhat puzzled 
Also, fuel wise…..always the ultra performance unleaded?

Guys, thank you all so much for your contributions….you are awesome and have really helped…I will probably just be sat it on my drive for a few hours when delivered, just getting to grips with all the buttons and settings lol….
Although let’s be honest, that’s very unlikely I’ll make it past an hour ha ha ha