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Originally Posted by stingray23 View Post

I bet if the M5 was an actual piece of shit on wheels it would still attract the fanbois. I think the M5 looks great overall, but they could've done some things differently. I do not like the fender vents, I think the stock 5 series hood is ugly and the M5 should've been given its own unique hood. The wheels could've been a lot nicer then M6 look a like wheels from the previous generation. I'm sure its gonna be a great pkge, but there are other cars out there that give you just as much if not more. And the CTS-V coupe really has to be seen in person to appreciate its look. Some may not like it because they are afraid to be different and need a conservative looking car so they dont stick out(insecurities). Or they HAVE to be seen in an import because god forbid someone sees them in anything domestic. But its a great car that will not break the bank, especially compared to the new $100K super sedans.
This. I've gone from and E60 BMW to a CTS-V and I will definitely give the F10 M5 a strong look when it finally makes it to the States. But an awful lot of people on this forum are kidding themselves if they think that the CTS-V is not a legitimate contender for the king of current production sports sedans. The V's style is admittedly polarizing (though definitely not boring), the fit and finish is nowhere near BMW or Merc standards, but the V is simply phenomenal on the track as well as being a very comfortable road car. You don't lap the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes by accident.