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Originally Posted by M5essex View Post
But playing my iPhone via USB or Bluetooth makes no difference to b&o sound or quality.
This is what I have found too.

Since I don't use XM Radio (which is the worst quality out of all of them I think), I mostly just stream Pandora via Bluetooth or I play the music that I have stored on my iPhone via Bluetooth. Sometimes when I want to same some music to the Hard Drive, I just download a bunch of songs from the Internet, throw them on a USB Stick and then upload them into a new folder on the M5's hard drive. I don't really own too many CD's anymore, wasn't a big collector anyways, but I do keep a few in the little multi-disc CD player that is tucked into the glove box. I don't really care that much about listening to lossless music, it is too much of a pain to keep a CD collection in the M5 or download ultra-high quality music from somewhere. Streaming via Bluetooth is plenty great for me and the B&O still produces some of the best sounds I've heard in a car even though I mostly listen to lossy music.

Also I like streaming from Bluetooth the most because I run Waze on my iPhone while streaming Pandora in the background and I can get the audio alerts that Waze gives you to come in through the cars stereo system, so it's a little extra layer of Situational Awareness for me while I'm driving. Hearing that "Police Reported Ahead" female voice from Waze through the Bang & Olufsen sound system in my car has saved me many many times.
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