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Thanks for the info, very informative. I'll try USB cable for a few days and see if I hear any difference.

Originally Posted by nybimmerfan View Post
USB cable connection will produce a much better sound reproduction, much closer if not the same as the source. You have to bear in mind that by using bluetooth, the source audio signals are resampled and reencoded for the bluetooth transmitter and that the encoding will recompress and combine the resulting audio in blocks -- which will usually result in a very short lag from source play. Also there will be some signal attenuation, i.e. if the source has 15Khz signal or higher, the recompressed and transmitted audio may now be gone and only let signals less than 15Khz (usually 8Khz - 12Khz) to go through. There are currently high-end bluetooth systems that are trying to go really hi fidelity which I doubt the M5 music system has. So your best bet is to use a connected source rather than bluetooth. But if your aim is to just listen to music without regard for signal attenuation (i.e. only listen to sound between 8Khz to less than 15Khz) then bluetooth is very convenient.
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