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Originally Posted by Advevo View Post
Turbo power is the easy way bmw and you know it.

I can buy a turbo car on every corner of the street just like i can buy a casio watch on every corner on the street. It s nothing special.

///M cars should be like mechanical watches a piece of engineering No bmw rather go the easy way. Shame on you bmw ///M. And you won t get one penny from me for this kind engine/car.

About every jap car has turbo.

///M has lost it. ///M Motorsport is gone ///M Marketing is the new ///M
EVEN tho the 550hp/500trq sounds VERY good to me, i do have to disagree to some extent with your post, yes ///M made NA engines for all of its cars, but times have changed and if BMW doesn't CHANGE WITH IT than you can say goodbye to the whole M concept all together, Besides since its a Turbo charged engine........I am pretttty sure tuners will come up with a software that will bump up the performance of that engine EVEN further.