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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
OK. as I said that HAM was lapped during his crash by the rest of the field .

1• HAM went off in the gravel and crashed in the wall.
2• Red Flag showed up by the crash of BOT vs RUS .
3• HAM's car was repaired during the Red Flag.
4• HAM got his postion back (P9) and took part of the re-start of the race.
5• HAM pulled through the field to P2 and stranded 22 sec. behind MAX .
6• No one saw that HAM un-lapped himself .
7• That's actually why HAM ran one (1) lap short 62/63 laps .

Mate .Please have a read =>

•HAM was able to recover his Mercedes from the gravel by engaging reverse but by the time he had escaped he was already a lap down and had slipped to ninth.
Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Mate .Did "you saw HAM un-lapping himself ?

I didn't saw it ,or did I missed it ?

You guys must not understand racing, the lapped cars were called to the front of the pit lane before other cars, they were all allowed to do a full lap to un-lap themselves before joining the rest of the grid.

It is also common for cars to be allowed to un-lap themselves during a safety car.

This doesn't mean they completed less laps than the race.
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