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i see it sometimes with my patients. high psa on labs, i send them to urology, they come back saying everything was normal. there are other things that raise psa like prostatis (this is usually found in people who sit all day like truck drivers, or cyclists since the seat presses on the area). some people just live at a high level and nothing is wrong

we used to do psa screenings for everyone over 45-50. But now they've relaxed the rules and to only order it when someone has a high suspicion of prostate problems. probably due to the high false positivity rates and subsequent complications like the article mentions.

in short the test is a bit of a crapshoot. but if there is strong suspicion or risk of prostate cancer in the individual it can be helpful

another thing some urologists will tell you is that the number isn't as important as the trend or PSA velocity. a sudden uptick in your PSA number could mean cancer.

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