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Sounds like a piriformis issue. If it is the piriformis muscle causing your issues then I’d recommend finding out if it’s long or short piriformis syndrome. I’ve found that if it’s long piriformis syndrome you don’t want to be doing extensive stretching of the piriformis muscle, rather you should be strengthening it. It’s the opposite of it’s short piriformis syndrome and you can find online why that is.

If you do have piriformis syndrome it sounds like you have the long version as you said you feel loose. Also, if this is the case an overarching issue that should be addressed is that you probably have a weak ass.

But as others have said your best bet is find a competent PT to get a correct diagnosis. Might have to try several. I have found that I was getting incorrect advise from certain PT’s, like being told to stretch tf out of my hamstrings when I had an anterior pelvic tilt.
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