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Originally Posted by 335xi Beast View Post
Marijuana = IDIOT. From college experience you sit around order pizza and watch the Cheers for 6 hours in a row and not move. You get nothing done, you become extremely lazy and basically fuck off the rest of the day.

Sure its fun for a bit when you wake up and its worn off you're more depressed than before so why keep torturing yourself. Same with binge drinking. Fun, get wasted, yack and wake up with a hangover. I like a clear mind so I can get shit done. Gotta keep making more money so I can waste it on a BMW. Oh shit, I did smoke too much in college!
Typical stereotype. Things have changed good sir. There are many highly functioning people out there. I won't elaborate, but but basically everything you said above is as inaccurate as it can be. Laziness is exhibited by the individual. Drugs simply accentuate the personality of the individual. There are plenty out there that find cannabis use to sharpen their mind and focus more.
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