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I haven't read the thread but I've smoked my fair share of pot.

At the end of the day, if your goal is to transcend from your current time and place, I suggest meditation and a couple meditative hobbies (photography, weights, fishing, running etc) > regular pot use.

Now having said that, I believe a little pot use a few times a year can have benefits. Like @ a Phish concert with friends!

For me, I don't smoke anymore, gave it up after having kids and stuff... but CBD is fantastic for inflammation, if I am injured and want to heal faster.

I do think pot can be used medicinally, for short term (2 - 8 months) gains, just like depressants. And similarly to antidepressants, longer term usage has a diminishing return.

Nothing feels as good as doing the work yourself. I have a friend who is bi-polar and pot has helped him sleep, so I guess to each their own as well.

A couple years ago I did some work in the British Virigin Islands and our chef was Jamaican. Since we were together on a yacht for about a week, we got comfortable talking about whatever... So I asked my wise Jamaican Chef what her opinion on pot was. And in a thick Jamaican accent she said: "You don't smoke the herb, you drink it, you boil it and drink it."

Just some musings on the topic.... take care!
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