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Originally Posted by 335xi Beast View Post
Rock on Mr. 420. Remember this is just an internet forum so the false ego boost is pointless. I'm glad you know more about the benefits of Cannibus than me because it should make you millions according to history.

Reps and Posts...who cares. Keep on with the ego boosting retorts. It should get people far in this world...
Wow. No sort of an attempt in an ego boost here. Not sure where you even got that from. I never made reference to post count or rep points. Pst.....your insecurities are showing.

I'd also like to remind you that this is just an internet forum. Your lack of knowledge on the subject is apparent. Attacking someone for pointing out your lack of knowledge on a subject, seems to be a diversion for some form of an underlying personality or character flaw. It seems that name calling and displaying an elitist attitude toward someone who disagrees with you redirects the ego-boosting posts back in your direction. Rather than be an ass to you, I'd honestly rather you educate yourself on the topic at hand and understand that there are different view points other than your own. Just because an idea or thought varies from your own, doesn't automatically make it wrong.

Educate yourself on topics you speak of or you lose credibility, much like you lost here. Do better.
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