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dealership service

hi i recently joined the bimmerpost community as i am planning on buying a f10 m5. i have been reading posts from the forums and it seems like everyone's friendly and gave really insightful opinions. so here's my question, it might seem kinda silly but i really want to know the answer. i am planning to order a brand new f10 M5 in Vancouver, Canada and have it delivered to Toronto as i am moving there in september. since i'll be living in Toronto, and will have to maintenance my car at a local Toronto dealership, will the dealership treat me the same as customers who actually bought cars from that particular dealership or will their service and attitude towards me be different because i did not buy my car from their dealership. so should i order it in vancouver or in toronto? (it would be easier for me to order it in vancouver since i dont have the time to fly there just to order a car and i'll be out of the country for 2-3 months so it would be ideal to order the car in vancouver and have it when i arrive in toronto in september)

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