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Opinion on M5 via dealership

I'm looking to get some opinions on price / condition on the following M5.
Here is the listing:

1. As you can see there have been 4 minor accidents. I visually inspected and drove the car with no issues. How much difficulty could this cause me in re-selling? How concerned would you be about this?
2. The 78k miles on it worry me, it was also leased for a bit which makes me concerned it's been driven hard. The car comes with a 60 day drive train warranty which I don't see as too valuable. Would you recommend an after market warranty? BMW offered me one for 5k from a company called Continental Inc for 36 months. This seems pricey but possibly worthwhile considering some major stuff may go wrong in this car in the next 3 years
3. According to the dealer they just replaced the battery, 2 tires (other ones tread looks ok), re-balanced and the brake pads have been done recently. I mamuallly tested the idrive, AC and as much other features as I could think of when I drove it. But obviously can't really tell if the clutch is on the blink or maybe they just patched up something. I do not really trust that the dealership does a decent inspection. What are your thoughts on how risky relying on them is? Should I pay for my own PPI even when buying from a dealer?
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