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Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post
Actually it's the exact opposite of what you said. The technical directives are pretty cut and dry. They fall under the technical regulations of F1. The Sporting Directives are a bit more loose.
The FIA website publishes all the technical and sporting regulations (as well as any changes) throughout the year. These are the the rules that govern the sport. The technical directive isnt so much a rule as a guidance on how to interpret the rules and how to implement procedures to help the FIA govern the regulations. In many cases a technical directive can be just an explanation to clarify some of the grey areas in the regulations.

Honestly, I think that they all are cut and dry for the most part. It just comes down where the penalties are applied. Breaking the regulations is breaking the rules, so it makes sense that hefty penalties are applied (ex Renault being excluded from the Japanese GP for breaking the Sporting Regulations). The technical directives arent rules per se, so the penalties arent as serious (in this case, Ferrari's fine).

At least, that's my understanding of it it all. We all know that F1 can be lacking in consistency sometimes, so it's possible the levied penalties can be applies however they see fit. Either way, I got most of my information from the FIA website and the Sky Sports post race coverage so I don't necessarily feel its incorrect.