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Originally Posted by Louis1981 View Post
Dear All,

I just want to start off by thanking everyone on the forum for your explanations tips and figures you have provided.

I've decided to lease my new car. My experience unfortunately with my dealer has not been pleasant on this transaction.
I've purchased cars from the same dealer since i was 16 years old! and 15 years later the dealership still tries to screw me! Surprising, as i've just leased an X6 for my wife and purchased cash my X5M.
Last week surprisingly, the figures given to me by my dealership on a lease and 5 year financing, both over 2K per month!
I took AGS's figures (which he posted on this thread) to the dealer, told them that if they did not come up with a lower proposal then suggested by AGS I would walk away from the deal and take my business elsewhere for good. It took them two seconds to comply to the request.
They proceeded to tell me that "it was an error and they would have never allowed for me to pay such figures once I walked into the dealership to pick up my car".
In summary, if all goes well, I will take delivery of my new car in the next few days, at a fair price without getting screwed. I will still be taking my business elsewhere after that
Thank you again for the help.
If I was you I would walk away from that dealer very fast. I just leased mine for about half what you were quoted. (48%/36Mo/15k) I could recommend you a dealer that can get you a great deal.