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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
So you've done homework that made you believe that the benefits of being able to hold your breath longer somehow outweighed the fact that there are known carcinogens and tar in marijuana smoke?

You've done your homework but you've "never seen anything saying it can cause cancer"?

You haven't done your homework. I'm not saying you're a stoner. I said if you want to promote marijuana, you aren't doing any favors coming off as a science illiterate stoner, which you are.

I personally don't think Marijuana should be illegal. Or I think alcohol should be illegal (although we've seen how that works out). Either way, we need to be logically consistent. But I don't think marijuana is some miracle cure all or some magic substance with no harmful side effects. That's taking a step into the absurd.
The only study I've seen that showed it had carcinogens was an old study done with Mexican schwag. I'm sure the results would be different with organically grown cannabis compared to low quality stuff grown with a bunch of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers. This is also something we should be worried about with our food supply as well since very little is organic.
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